General Defense Litigation and Premises Liability

The Firm is well known for its extensive defense litigation practice. DO&CB represents corporate and business clients against a variety of claims including negligence and/or personal injury, premises liability, contracts, toxic torts, construction, intellectual property, and professional liability. As a result of the firm’s experience in these areas, DO&CB’s lawyers are consistently confronted with related issues such as foreign law and treaties, indemnification, corporate successor liability, bankruptcy, and preemption.

DO&CB also has a practice specializing in the defense of products liability claims on behalf of manufacturers and distributors. DO&CB’s products liability clients include Fortune 100 companies. DO&CB lawyers have defended claims involving, among other things, construction equipment, food products, vehicles, recreational equipment, industrial machinery and swimming pools.

In addition to claims involving defects in retail consumer products, DO&CB has extensive experience representing companies in the Food and Beverage Industry in cases including claims involving food borne illnesses, infestation, warning labels and/or duty to warn, general liability arising out of trucking incidents, and food licensing agreement disputes. DO&CB lawyers have also counseled clients related to crisis management and product recall issues.


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