The Firm was well represented at the Annual National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms “NAMWOLF” Conference in Hollywood, California on September 16-19, 2015. Michelle J. d’Arcambal, Jodie L. Ousley, Aimee L. Creed and Nada Peters attended, with Jodie Ousley and Aimee Creed serving as Panel Speakers. The NAMWOLF Annual Meeting & Law Firm Expo is a three-day conference providing opportunities for corporate counsel from Fortune 1000 companies to meet with the Nation’s top minority and women owned law firms in a relaxed networking environment. For more information, go to:

Jodie L. Ousley was a Panel Speaker on “Law & Order – Special Investigative Unit” regarding Special Investigative Units “SIU” within insurance companies. The panel focused on insurance companies conducting their own initial investigations regarding potential fraud, rescission acts, healthcare provider fraud by doctors who submit fraudulent bills, surveillance scenarios and legal considerations. Jodie Ousley spoke in particular about cases involving foreign deaths, investigations of such cases, and fraud involving such cases.

Aimee L. Creed was a Panel Speaker at a CLE-Session entitled “CSI: Data Sciences in Discovery Practice”. The session focused on the ever growing eDiscovery, the risks posed by these technologies and the use and management of these emerging strategies.

If you would like more information regarding these topics or copies of slides from the presentations, please contact Jodie L. Ousley at [email protected] or Aimee L. Creed at [email protected].


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